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The past twelve hours have been close to unbearable and I've had to relearn how to waste time on the web.  I never thought it would be difficult.  In that time, what have I covered?

The Macho Man Randy Savage died in a car crash in Florida

A rush of thoughts associated with my slowly disappearing childhood came over me when I first read this.  Much like many erstwhile immature adolescents, I used to religiously watch Big Time Wrastlin' religiously on Monday and Thursday nights when the NWO and the Wolfpack were competing for eternal supremacy on WCW.  This completes a long line of realizations that drain my will to live.
    1. Santa Claus isn't real - always the hardest
    2. Ditto the Easter Bunny - but who really cared about that one.
    3. I'll never be able to flap my arms fast enough to fly.
    4. Your parents don't just give you money forever.
    5. There are no field trips at work.
    6. Big Time Wrastlin' ain't real.
    7. Big Time Wrastlers are mortal.
I Want a Typewriter

I've been on a Hemmingway kick lately.  I get into a lot of different authors for different reasons at different times, but I normally migrate back to him to rebase my reading.  Anyways, Hemmingway was Hemmingway, a damned fine badass (a troubled one).  Thinking of Hemmingway made me want to get a typewriter.  Maybe I'll never use it but I like the look of them.  Check out the link.


Super Cool Typewriter Link

My Palacial Estate

I want a cool bookshelf.  I found a cool bookshelf online.  Could you imagine how awesome it would be to have this in your house?

In my house, I also want a man garage and a sensory deprivation tank, a wurlitzer electric piano and a permanent hog roaster/meat smoker outside.  I want a beer brewing "laboratory," and a fine liquor "collection."  I want a shower that would make Patrick Bateman jealous, actually, I take that back - he'd kill me with an axe.  I want a super-computer center with a team of imported scientists and I want their powers to combine to develop and crack an algorithm to tell me how to take over the world; although, that may be a little far fetched.

Photo Browsing Led Me to This

I think that good habits start young, like counting money, brushing your teeth before going to bed, and always wearing a life jacket when you go fishing.  Notice the USA olympic symbol on the box? Thanks

greatest photos on internet 5 Best photos of the week (50 Photos)

I guess that's it for now, check back later. 

Au revoir

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