Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Good Morning America

Hey hey hey everybody,

I'm won't be staying on here for long this evening, but I did want to write something so that you don't think that I've forgotten about home. 

I don't care about politics too much anymore, but I couldn't help but watch the aftermath of the State of the Union (SOTU) during lunch today and I remembered the entertainment value that politics can provide a bored person.  As usual, I was pounding a bowl of rice and soothing my soul with some juice, and meanwhile my coveralls were just lying on the floor.  I was casually lounging on the couch in the most obnoxiously lazy manner possible while gazing intently at Anderson Cooper and his fellow dregs from the CNN broadcast (this is no slight towards CNN, it's actually intended to be offensive to "political analysts").  I don't remember a word of what they said but I do remember the some of the general feelings that came over me during the whole shebang:
  1. I feel badly for Congresswoman Giffords and when POTUS Obama was speaking of her, I actually felt that he was being genuine - I can't remember the last time that I've thought that.  Could you imagine if you woke up every morning and poured a bowl of wheaties and said "I'm gonna turn on the news and listen to what these honest politicians are saying today"????  No, you haven't, that's the reality that we live in.  Anyways, it's sad that people would feel so passionate - whether positively or negatively - about something that they would shoot another innocent person.  Of course, we don't mind paying to have the most powerful mercenary force in the world to protect us.  Just don't let the blood get on your hands.  Enough of the soap box.
  2. If you don't watch the news for several months and then you all-of-a-sudden turn it on during one of the hottest news nights of the year, you will notice how STUPID the political pundits actually are.  It was so striking to me that I wondered what qualifications you would actually need to get on live national television and get paid to make a fool of yourself, your employer, and the entire pundit profession.  You see, I make a fool of myself everyday, so I must be able to do what they do, but I only get paid slightly above the average ham-n-egger salary. The logic leads me to conclude that if I have the same basic skillset as those idiots but I don't get paid the same, then I am doing something wrong, therefore I'm the idiot for doing what I'm doing for less money than they get and although I'm attempting to chastise them in public, I'm actually making a fool of myself all over again.
  3. Listen to Michele Bachman's Tea Party Response to the SOTU: HILARIOUS!!!!  I feel like I'm in preschool all over again.  It sounds like her career after politics could start with public readings of  Little Red Riding Hood or Hansel and Grettle.  I can't even listen to the damned thing the whole way through.  When a nation begins to elect representatives of that ilk, its people should start to wonder if they really deserve a democracy any longer.  Michele Bachman's Speech
  4. I'm getting very tired of hearing the word "jobs."  Do you know what I mean? 
  5. People over here LOVE Obama.  There is a roadside stand named after him.  Sometimes you will meet people and tell them that you are from the US and they will say "Oh, you must love Obama."  I just smile kindly and try to move to another topic of conversation. 
  6. I think politics are for some people what football is to the common man - entertainment.  For sure, the function of the government is vital, but if you were to watch a pre/post-SOTU in depth breakdown analysis and then watch reruns of ESPN Sunday pre/halftime/post game show, you will see that the difference between the two is indistinguishable. 
It's really late and I need to sleep for work.  Sorry for the crappy writing. 

Best wishes,


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  1. I love reading your blog man, keep trucking. Coming back any time soon?