Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Feeble Attempt at Writing a Post

I'm going to try a little experiment here, if I'm able to write anything worth reading, I'll go ahead and publish the post; otherwise, I'll scrap it.  Since you are reading this, you know that I didn't scrap this post in the past.  Get it?? 

I'm building energy, the days are passing quickly and they could be termed as boring or awful or lame, but no (fist slams on table)!! I have refused, something is going to happen.  Not sure what it is but I can feel it and it's exhilarating.  Lately, I feel like a monk in a monkery (I know) placed high on top of a mountain.  Not much to do and few people to relate with (at least at this point), forced to move my once external world up into my head.  That's code for, I'm going to do something big when I get back home, no not vegas or some vapid trip (although that may happen), but something really big (and all the little small things too, those are the best).  Might be ten or twenty years down the road, doesn't matter, build bUild buILD BUILD.  I forget why I came over here in the first place - yea duh, I needed a job - but I had a bunch of other reasons too.  I didn't know what would happen, but I've been in this situation before and the explosion afterwards is nothing short of touching the hand of God - at least personally. 

Also, you can post on this blog now, Look Below.  Take Landon's example from the last post, lots of swearing a incendiary stuff: the best.

Guess that's it.  Figure I'll hop on the ole' treadmill and get my motor oil moving.  Thinking of you all, all the time, in the happiest, most pleasant manner possible.  Thoughts of you bring a wide grin to my face. 

High five,



  1. Hey bro. Just wanted to say what's up. I'm glad you finally got a website that lets me post comments. I see that you've been reading a lot lately. For Christmas, Santa Claus blessed me with a nice Nook eReader. That thing is slick let me tell you. You should look into getting one to save on shelf space. Right now I'm reading the sci-fi classic "Dune" and a book about the Buddha.

    So I'll be headed to Orlando on Wednesday for Cheerleading Collegiate Nationals. Think of Disney World filled with young, hot, college cheerleaders. Yup, a dream come true.

    Phi Alpha,


  2. Broseph (Affectionately Raisin),

    Great to see you leaving some ink on my wall. Speaking of ink, I want to get a tattoo when I get back - or maybe later on. Concerning the site, I'm glad that I have been able to provide you with a forum to express both your love for me and your enfatuation with midget college cheerleaders. I don't believe in Santa Claus any longer, but I do believe in the power of technology to bring great joy to your life. How do you like the nook? Would you give it a yay or a nay? Would you throw it over your shoulder like a continental soldier? I myself am having an internal debate to decide if I'll purchase an Amazon Kindle when I get home - books are heavy and expensive. Let me know if reading for extended periods of time on one of those things will drive you crazy. To continue the topic of books, if you are into Dune, talk to Franklin, he's obsessed with that shit. I've watched every film rendition of the novel. Also, I would like to reserve a future discussion about the Buddha, maybe we can bring the Sherpa, but keep that on the DL cuz we don't need to tell the whole world about that.

    Cheerleaders. Joe, I like you man and I respect your desires to be a cheerleader. I can see the positive effect that cheerleading has had on your life, but I will never in my life understand the point of cheerleading. So I don't want to rain on your Disney world parade which in all actuality sounds like it will be Defcon-5 for fun, but I would probably go nuts if I had to remain within a radius of 100 feet of a bunch of meatheads and growth stunted little girls for more than fifteen minutes. I'm sure they are nice people. Passing judgement is for closed minded losers, right?

    That's probably enough. Joe man, great to hear from you. How's the bike? Are you Tron yet? Have you watched your hand turn into a stream of binary digits? Has the Marine Corps accepted your app? Have they punched your ticket to the moon? How's the mom? The dad? The brother? How's NASCAR? How's life? How's school? What do you think about the afterlife? What do you think about the before life? What do you think about liberals? I don't give a shit personally. What do you think about science? Art? Humanity? Just a few questions I have. Sorry, I just busted this whole thing off at work and I'm late for a meeting. I know you'll be able to make sense of the gibberish. Miss you man. You're a great friend.