Monday, January 3, 2011

I wish I had more to write about.

Good afternoon,

I don't have much to say today since the entirety of my environment in the past few days has remained both limited and constant.  If I had any important observations, I could say that I went back through the posts that I have made since I have gotten over here and I realized how the sharpness of my mind has slowly eroded.  Either that or I am succumbing to the pressure of keeping the posts as entertaining as possible - nobody wants to read a transcript of what happened in sunday school. 

I finished reading The Quiet American yesterday.  Great book by Graham Greene.  Fascinating story set in 1950s French occupied Vietnam.  Talked with the rig safety guy yesterday about Vietnam, all I know is he's from the UK and "I'm not English;" he says Vietnam is the best place in Asia.  He's not the first to say that.  I like to take people's word for it in a lot of situations, it makes life fun.  I write broken sentences sometimes. I start my sentences with I a lot.  That's enough. 

I've finished The Doors of Perception and Brave New World  by Aldous Huxley, Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell, and Amerika by Franz Kafka since I got here, and I'm starting On the Road by Jack Kerouac now.  Huxley is the best. 

We had BBQ again last night and I again ate three or four lamb chops.  We were assembling the BHA on the drill floor chanting Bar-be-que in the hopes that we would be finished in time to catch dinner.  I thought it was funny.  To be honest, I was the only one chanting BBQ, I confused everyone else in the area.  Made it to the BBQ on time. 

There was a rainbow over the water today, pretty cool I guess. 

Ok, I quit, not much good here today.  Take care everybody.



  1. Keep doing work man, and February, eh? Jeez that's kick ass if you can make it out here- we'll rage it up. Goddammit man, we need to get the skype party going. Can't imagine the cool as fuck shit you're getting into over there man, you shoot anyone yet? (I still think if it ain't America, it's a warzone, and if it's not it sure as hell should be). Well man, keep writing and Phi Alpha.
    Oh yeah Victor 7= Landon, it's an old google account.

  2. Hey Landon man, thanks for the colorful language, I've forgotten that I'm not the only person in the world with a filthy mouth.

    *Quick Note To Readers: The inimitable Landon is kidding, he's one of the kindest souls gracing our earth and meeting him was one of the finer pleasures in my life. He's also very open minded.

    There Landon, I covered for you. Yea, the Skype party, I promise I haven't been putting you guys off, I'll get it figured out when I return from the rig. Yea, raging sounds like great fun when I get back (raging means HAVE A LOT OF FUN... Live in the moment). Sorry man, no firearms over here, and if I had one, I'd bend it into a heart shape and call it creative. Hmmm... Cool as fu(k stuff? Not as frequent as when all of us were hanging out (it was a special time), but there have been a few times. As for war zones, every place is a war zone - just depends on what you consider a war. It's nice to see that you got your pilot license, that might come in handy in the future if we decide become sky writers (you know, the dudes that write shit like "Chester the chicken loves Sallie the sandwich server" in the sky, just an example). Keep The Lions, The Gentlemen of Distinction, and the weekly convening of The Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff rolling strong. Tell Keith to shoot the J but to set the P first, and to get the ORB if he misses and throw down the D - I'd give him a high five. Maybe we can get the crew together and roll up to Milwaukee sometime soon, just throwin it out there.

    Miss you man, good luck with school. Stay strong, don't grow(give) up. Last thing, is anyone doing the gorilla run this year? Gunther is a fine candidate (tell him I said hey also).

    Hope you enjoy the long reply,